So this blog is about physical and mental wellbeing, we talk about nutrition and sports and I believe it is important to also talk a bit about traveling, as it is indeed promoting wellbeing.

Before all this shit with the pandemic outbreak happened, everyone was traveling – either locally or internationally. For few days every now and then or for a longer vacation stay to fully relax. Nowadays, traveling is restricted, less than the firs lockdown, but it is still ‘frowned upon’ as an activity that increases the risk of spreading the virus. A lot of companies in the industry are trying to adapt, to provide a safe space for their guests, but people are scared and travel less. Additionally the restrictions of traveling, the tests, the unreliable plans are a pain for travellers, which is a shame!

Fortunately, AirBnB managed to bring a smile on our faces by showing some positive statistics, that by June, their bookings were almost as high as in normal times and they also said that people still have their desire to travel, they just changed they way the do it. During this pandemic people travel locally for weekend get-aways close to their homes. Every type of get-away being international or local is highly recommended to relax, refresh and restart your mind and body. Everyone has different preference as where to travel to : either to a beach resort, mountain place, some small historical heritage city etc.

I believe that we should take every opportunity we have to relax and destress of our reality and travel is one of the ways we can do it! Traveling is a way of self-care session, that reboots us, gives us some time and perspective and energy to go back to reality.

In the summer and whenever I can afford it, i prefer to go to sunny beach cities, to enjoy the sun, warmth and good vibes – I’m a summer person! If you are interested in visiting Bulgaria in the summer, we have amazing resorts and beautiful beach cities. I am a child of Varna, which is the Sea Capital of Bulgraia, second biggest city – amazing summer vibe! We also have 3 resorts near by the city – Golden Sands, St Constantin & Helene and Albena. All of the resorts are full with life, amazing beaches and lots of restaurants and bars – can be both family vacation or more of a party spirit depending on where you decide to stay.

Varna, the Sea Garden

Nevertheless, in the winter I love going for at least a week in the mountains, so I can snowboard with family and friends and have fun! Unfortunately, this year going skiing and snowboarding is difficult, but for those of you who have an opportunity to go, I strongly advice you to! Take a getaway to the mountains, breath some crisp fresh air, ski/snowboard, go for walks and some spa – take a break from our sick reality, you deserve it!

For those of you who want to visit Bulgaria and are fans of winter sports, I would advise you to visit Bansko, Borovets or Pamporovo – all winter mountain resorts offering nice slopes, bars and restaurants, lovely hotels and an amazing experience *at least before the restrictions*
I personally, love going to Bansko, as it is the best resort in Bulgaria for winter sports, it is located in the mountain Pirin, which is the second highest one in Bulgaria.

Bansko, Bulgaria

Overall, I encourage you to travel, to experience new things, to learn more, to get out of your comfort zone, to broader your horizons, relax and make time for yourself!

Go for it, just book it!